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November 8, 2021
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November 8, 2021 projetpdf

We are a circus company composed of women of different nationalities, opinions and convictions.

Our show “Projet.PDF” released in December 2017 is still playing in theaters.

Since the implementation of the health pass, we have been asking ourselves the question: should we continue to perform this show at all costs under these conditions that we consider increasingly unjust and liberticidal?


The health and security situation imposed by the State leaves us speechless, and paradoxically, we no longer want to remain silent….

For the past two years, we have been forced to adapt and question ourselves constantly in order to survive *.

There are as many opinions and positions as there are people in our team and we see this as a strength. So we look for compromises if we can’t reach a consensus, we discuss, we try to understand each other’s issues and needs, and we try not to judge each other’s strategies and choices. It’s tiring, it takes time, patience and tolerance.

In our work we touch each other, we carry each other, trust is the base of partner acrobatics. The health pass and the associated measures have led us to question the need to control each other. We did not accept this but rather persisted in our meetings on the basis of trust.

How do we come to question the ability to take individual responsibility?

How can we find it acceptable to control the free movement of people?


Eventually, Covid arose in our group forcing us to make the difficult decision of canceling our performances in Foix. This episode confirmed that there were many inconsistencies in the management of this “health crisis”.

How can we continue under these conditions?

It is important for us to make all this visible.

We need to continue to open up the dialogue to cultivate the link, listening and transparency within our group but also beyond the theatres and in our lives in general.


* Invisible” (and unpaid) work to cope with and re-organize the teams, travel, etc.: 712 hours and a half of meetings, 46 zooms (we have taken out a subscription), creation of 8 horizontal committees to RE-organize the work and all this leads to a great collective fatigue. We are aware that without the financial support to which we were entitled (partial unemployment, blank year) we would probably have had to dissolve the company.