Once upon a time...


There is the one that shakes,
the one that flies, the one that is soft,
the one who is afraid, the one who laughs,
the one that pulls her hair,
the one who likes it when it's rough...

The Projet.PDF was born from a female acro-balance meeting that took place in March 2015 in Toulouse.

The Projet.PDF is a collective of women with multiple projects, artistic universes and commitments. Acrobats, bases, flyers, musicians, DJs, costume designers, lighting designers, artistic directors, production managers, cooks, social worker… These creators came together for this unique adventure.

The Projet.PDF is first of all a show written for 16 artists on stage, released in 2017, which is touring in theatres and festivals in France and Europe.
A second creation is underway: Légendes Urbaines, a spectacular immersive form in the public space, planned for 2023.

The Projet.PDF is also a place for female acro-balance conventions, educational workshops and training courses about collective work and gender issues.

The Projet.PDF is a space for collective experimentation. Issues like organization, production,  communication and commitment are at the heart of our work. Our functioning is in constant evolution. The idea is not to disappear within the group, but on the contrary to exist, to take your place, to combine different approaches, teamwork, creativity and humour. Circus disciplines serve the discourse and not the other way round.