Released in 2023

Légendes Urbaines

Creation in situ for the street
Légendes Urbaines is a project at the border of circus performance, participative event and happening. The Projet.PDF proposes a singular artistic form that questions our intimate relationship with the public space. This cross-disciplinary project, which combines acrobatic stunts, ephemeral construction, installation and fire, is part of a long term process involving the inhabitants.
This immersive form is a medium for sharing our stories, talking about intimacy and making it common.


Progressive team: Alice Roma, Cali Hays, Claire Lascoumes, Claire Ruiz, Coline Froixdevaux, Flora Le Quémener, Judith Obach, Juliette Frenillot, Laurence Boute, Marilou Courtois, Marion Hergas, Mélissa Roguier, Nina Couillerot, Priscilla Mateo, Renata Do Val

Technician-constructor: Maïwenn Cozic
Musician: Fanny Aquaron
Costume designer: Noémie Bourigault
Dramaturgie : Périne Faivre
Social worker: Sophie Gorisse
Artistic directors: Elske van Gelder, Mathilde Gorisse
Production managers: Lucille Malapert and Magali Caron
Administration: Anne-So Roffé